Jasmine Fredrick
Designer & Image Artist

Between Dissipation and Discipline, 2022
Passion Project

This passion project transpired in my love of the scandalous history of art. For this project, I focussed on Baroque Art History and its treatment of women as either harlots or holy - leaving no grey area. I was inspired by: female figures, beautiful artwork, and a thirst for information.

I was captured by the thought that few people find art history engaging or inspiring. Rather than focusing on large bodies of text, I highlight phrases by scholars or artists to reflect the contents.

This entire book is roughly over 50 pages, with citations from scholarly articles, art historians of the past, and my theories. I have hopes of bringing it to print in the future.

FAKE, 2023
Senior Capstone

Process Book
Design for Wellness
Concluding my senior year at the University of Wisconsin - Stout in the Graphic Design and Interactive Media - Communication Concentration major, we put on final show. FAKE was my brand that I spent an entire semester developing and researching for. FAKE was a social campaign that advocated against deepfakes and AI's involvement in the porn industry.

Merrion Square Productions, 2023
Merrion Square Productions is an independent film company that focuses on historical individuals. The entire branding process centered around Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde, better known as Oscar Wilde. Wilde was an Irish poet and playwright.

Wilde became the playwright in London in the early 1890s. With his iconic signature, irish pride, admiration of american life, and scandelous behavior - it was easy to have information available for copious amounts of research.

Tile “Give Me A Ring”, 2020
AdFed “The Show” Bronze Pin Winner
Selections from a processbook that features key print and digital applications for the fictatious rebrand of Tile.

University of Wisconsin - Stout On-Campus Designs, 2022-2023 
Counseling Center
The following images are a series of undergraduate highlights from my design jobs at Stout. The examples show a range of digital, print, and social media design examples, with copywrite done by myself in some situations. At the University, I worked at the Student Counseling Center and The Archives.

University of Wisconsin- Stout Counseling Center, 2022-2023 
Counseling Center Social Media
Here are highlights of a few social media posts I have designed to be utilized for the counseling center’s Instagram.

Type In Motion, 2021
Undergraduate Class
Type in Motion was an entry level course dedicated to exploring Adobe After Effects and alternative animation processes solely based around typography. This course was a semester long, with three projects with various end-goals.